download (3)This 11 year old is selling coffee to educate girl children in Mumbai.  Age is no bar  Rohan Vasishth wants to serve the community through his business ventures. staffers at the Indus International School are sipping a new brand of coffee these days. That too with immense pride.  First because the brand called Madhubani was started by their Class V student Rohan Vassishth and second because proceeds from its sales go towards educating girl children.
In the last two months rohan and his 10 classmates have raised rs 60,000 by selling the coffee to their teachers parents and families in their respective colonies. while Rohan has been “pretty clear” that he wants to do business”his classmates have an incentive pegged to this venture. “They get to keep rs 50 from the sale of each packet which costs rs 500 ” says the 11 yrs old entrepreneur. And though Rohan is now moving to the US with his family for some years he wants his school and core team to keep the good work going.
“I shall keep in touch with the team online and monitor the operations in India. And in the US, I want to first gather support for my brand. Then I will take it to the stores there.”says rohan adding “my business will always be in the interest of the community”.
It was during a visit to Nandi Foundation in the city with his father last year that he hit upon the idea of Madhubani and gave up the plan to start a cookie label. “Under one of their projects called the Araku Valley they manufacture coffee powder .  “That’s how i got associated with them” he says.
It then took him months of planning drafting designs for the label pricing it “right” and juggling between his studies and hobbies to make Madhubani a reality
courtesy   HYDERABAD  CHRONICLE  dated 10th june 2013

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