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On Helen Keller day we listen to an achiever. At 32, V Janaki has achieved a lot. Speech and hearing impaired today she is the president of the People with Hearing Impaired Network. Since its inception in 2007 PHIN has created opportunities for the disabled all over the state. It has even recently established a branch in Pune and is soon to start one in Bengaluru. Despite having 1000 valunteers Janaki says “PHIN still has a long way to go”
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A recipient of the National Helen Keller award Janaki spoke of the challenges faced by the differently abled. “Many rural families do not know how to handle children with disabilities and as a result the speech and hearing impaired feel suppressed” she said. Janaki also sheds light on what we as a society are (5)
“According to the person with disabilities act every public office must have an interpreter. But we all know that that’s not the case. Also there are no government colleges at all for people with speech and hearing impairment” she points out 

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