A diet rich in anti-oxidants is not just good for the body but also for general wellness as it works as a great internal skincare regime. The chief anti-oxidants are Vitamin C[ fresh fruits and vegetables]. Vitamin E [vegetable oils nuts mangoes and broccoli] Vitamin A [carrots  milk  eggs  sweet potato] polyphenolic anti-oxidants [ tea coffee cinnamon red wine] and carotenoids[fresh fruits vegetable and eggs]
Here are a few suggestions of skin foods that will not only make you look good but are also delicious to tastedownload (2)
POMEGRANATE”– It has great anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties. This  seed bearing fruit is a rich source of Vitamin B 5 and C and (3)
RED WINE:– Red wine has a powerful anti-oxidant called resveratrol. But one should not consume more than one glass a day as alcohol is dehydrating for the (4)
Dark chocolate”– Dark chocolate is high in epicatechin  a type of anti-oxidant known as a flavonoid which is nutritious for the (5)
BROCCOLI AND SWEET POTATO:-These vegetables are known to be highest in anti-oxidants. Broccoli is rich in Vitamin C while sweet potato contains beta-carotene. But over cooking them will destroy the nutrients.
courtesy   Hyderabad chronicle

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