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The much loved Mediterranean herb lavender has been associated with cleanliness since Romans first added it to their bathwater. In fact the name comes from the Latin word “lavandus” which means to wash. The one property that springs to mind straight away is its effectiveness in healing burns and scalds. This one property alone is reason enough to always have a bottle of this oil to hand.  However it is also a natural antiseptic anti depressant sedative and de-toxifier. It stimulates the immune system and also stimulates the cells of a wound to regenerate more quickly. Today lavender remains a favourite for scenting clothing and closets scaps and even furniture polish. Lavender was traditionally inhaled to ease exhaustion insomnia irritability and depression  In the Victorian era women revived themselves from unconscious state caused by tight corsets with lavender filled (6)
Lavender is among the safest and most widely used of all aromatherapy oils. If relieves muscle pain migraines and other headaches and inflammation. It is also an antiseptic oil that treats many types infections including lung sinus and vaginal infections. Lavender is suitable for all skin types. Cosmetically it appears to be a cell regenerator. It prevents scarring and stretch marks and reputedly slows the development of wrinkles. Of several fragrances tested by aromatherapy researchers lavender was most effective in relazing the brain boosting immunity and reducing stress. It also reduced computer errors by almost one fourth when used in scent the officeimages (2)
here are a few suggestion for applications of lavender oil
BATH:- Excellent for aching muscles relaxation and stress relief.  Add six to eight drops of lavender oil after running the water and vigorously agitate water. Add the drops to a cupful of milk and then put in the bath as this helps to disperse the oils throughout the water  This is a great way to receive the benefits.images (3)
SHOWER:- After wetting your hair add three drops of oil to a mug of water and tip into your head stand under water and allow oils to rinse off. Cup your hands over your face and breathe in the vapours. Add oils when shampooing your hair and rinse off as normal.
MASSAGE:-  This is a particularly effective way to apply the oils when you have tight and sore muscles or have sustained in injury. The oils will be absorbed quickly into the blood stream.Never massage undiluted oils. Add five drops of lavender oil per 10 ml. of vegetable oil. Use two drops for babies and the elderly.images (4)
TISSUES AND HANDKERCHIEF:- Good for instant stress relief. Use one to three drops on a tissue or handkerchief and inhale immediately as required.
APPLY DIRECTLY FOR BURNS”-  Put a few drops of neat lavender oil onto the burnt area  This will greately assist the healing process. Only use lavender. Remember serious burns must be seen to by a doctor.  
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