download (7)Today is my father’s 46th death anniversary  i lost my father when i was just thirteen years old.. but the evergreen memories of mine  with my father follow me and guide me all through the years We lived in Pondicherry, the beautiful sea shore town and he used to take  me there twice in a week. We had a lot of fun in the  shore and i never forget them in my life. The following poem is dedicated to my beloved father  Dr.K Ramaswamyimages
Standing on the shore
watching the sun sets
I donot know whether
The wind blows or whistles
Moving through my hair
The sky is in flames
As if it plays some games
Seeing the sea gull gliding away
Picking the fishes on their way
The shadows are hiding in the dark
Roaring waves around
Shaking my heart a round
Washing the sand away
Leaving some marks on the way
Following my way again
When they touch my feet
They move my heart a bit
At last i get  my lovely giftdownload (6)

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