TOMATOESimages (1)
It is one of the prime cooking ingredients that is also rich in lycopene one of the strongest anti-ozidants. Lycopene requires fat for optimum absorption. So pairing tomatoes with adequate olive oil intake increases the lycopene levels.
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The best anti-oxidant berries are acal cranberries  blueberries blackberries  raspberry and of course strawberries. Just blend the berries with some milk or yoghurt and your choice of sweetener.  Your daily dose of anti-oxidant is ready.
Green tea is high in catechin polyphenols which are strong anti-oxidants. One cup of green tea provides 10 to 40 mg of polyphenols and has more anti-oxidant levels than broccoli spinach or carrots.
GARLICdownload (7)
One clove of garlic contains vitamins A  B  and  C selenium iodine potassium iron calcium zinc and magnesium.  this strong anti-oxidant herb also helps to decrease blood pressure and cholesterol removing heavy metals from the body

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