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A convocation cermony is not something that one easily forgets and for Poorvi Satija, hers will always remain extra special. the 10 individual and two shared gold medals won by the student of Nalsar University of Law will ensure that.”Honestly I expected around three to four gold medals. Ten is a huge number” exclaims Poorvi, who moved to the city five years ago. “I won the All Rounder Student Medal, Best Female Student Medal,Vice-Chancellor Medal, a medal for law of evidence  one for criminal law and I shared gold medals for administrative law and legal method….that’s all i can remember” she saysdownload (3)
So did her days at college involve just studying , studying and more studying? ” No way  I just paid attention in class and I did not sit with my books for hours on end she says. But giving credit where it’s due . she  adds ” it  would not  have been possible without my classmates  we studied together”As part of her curriculum Poorvi went on a student exchange programme to singapore where she was taught by some of the best professors from Harvard. “Apart from that the numerous mooting and mock court sessions held at the University made a big difference.” she says.The brilliant student also found time for extra curricular activities. ” I love theatre. In fact for the first time in Nalsar we formed a theatre group and also participated in Admit One a theatre competition held by National Law School at Bengaluru”.download (4)
Placed at a top firm in Delhi Poorvi now wants to concentrate on gaining some experience before studying further. ” I want to practice arbitration law” she adds. ” All of it seems like a       dream but it is a cumulative reward of all may hard work” says the young lawyer signing off.
courtesy   Hyderabad chronicle  

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