When your body’s built-in thermostat  sense your core temperature is over 98.6degree F you sweat. As each drop of moisture evaporates it cools you. Since spicy foods make you perspire, eating them will provide a cooling sensation. But there are other foods that can lower the heat without the pepper burn. Water-rich foods slow digestion, rehydrate you and replenish minerals and vitamins lost through perspiration.
download (10)
Try these watery fruits:- Water melon  90% water delivers 25 % of your daily vitamin C plus artery and prostate-loving. Iycopene  You can also try a cooling blend of water and nutrients frozen grapes oranges and (11)
SALADS  Toss fruits with iceberg [95% water and no nutrients] and arugula or red leaf lettuce[ less moist but nutrient dense]download (12)
SWEET TREAT   Mashed, frozen banana[ lots  of potassium] with vanilla flavouring or real chocolate (13)
FYI  Two summer favourites that aren’t great for cooling ice cream [ the high fat content stokes your inner flame] and beer[ alcohol dehydrates so you sweat less] Drink about 16 ounces of water for each beer.

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