Raksha Bandhan is the festival of celebrating love affection and bonding among family members. As per Vastu Shastra south west is the zone of relationships and family bonding. It governs the love connectivity and harmony among family members.When this zone is in balanced state brothers an sisters are willing to support each other by all means which has been the basic purpose of celebrating Raksha Bandhan. All Indian festivals traditions and rituals have some deep rooted scientific logic hidden in them. Most of them are based on the theory of five elements in nature. Out of the five elements fire has been used right from the primitive ages to protect oneself from different kinds of threats and fears present in the external surroundings.images
On the day of Raksha Bandhan sisters tie a rakhi on the right wrist of their brothers. In some of the traditions prevalent earlier in India not only sisters but wives also tied a red thread on the wrist of their husbands. This red thread was used to strengthen the fire element as red colour denotes fire. So it was supposed to bring in strength security power and protection against all evils.images (1)
In the month of SAAVAN human emotions for attachment with each other are at their peak. On full moon of this month females experience peak intensity of their emotions. In such state of emotions if she ties a thread on the right wrist of a man she programs him emotionally to protect and support her through thick and thin. Develop an everlasting bond of love and care with your brother this Raksha Bandhanimages (2)

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