I want to share my experience about my trip to Kashmir. My excitement began the moment i came to know that we were going to Kashmir for four days during my summer vacation. We boarded a flight to Kashmir. Our hotel there was at a beautiful site——right in front of the Dal Lake. We then went for a ride on the shikara. There were many houseboats and to my utter surprise there  was a market in the middle of the lake. We did some shopping and returned to our hotel.images (1)
The next day we went to Sonmarg, where we hired some horses. I sat on a the youngest, the best and the leader of all the other horses. It was a long way but it was fun. We saw so many snow-covered peaks.  The sunlight reflected on the snow made it seem as if diamonds were spread all around. It looked wonderful.images (2)
The next day we went to Gulmarg, which has the longest ropeway in Asia. After we began to go up we could see many beautiful sights. When we reached the tip we got off and did some skiing   We also made a snowman. In the evening we went to Shalimar Bagh, a mughal garden  It was beautiful. There were many fountains, different verities of flowers and treesimages (3)
. There was also a big throne on which i sat and felt like the queen of the garden.
The next day we went to Pahalgam where there were saffron fields. You could smell the aroma of saffron in the air. I was mesmerised to see the beauty of that place  It was time for us to go back home. I had tears in my eyes. But my dad promised me that he would bring us here again. You should visit Kashmir and not only see but also feel the beauty, Kashmir is like heaven.images

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