imagesThis year’s theme for National Nutrition Week is ” Eat right with liver” diseases. On the occasion the board of directors and the faculty of Asian Institute of Gastroenterology organised a talk to educate people about the liver its functions and the ways to protect it from disease. the aim of the National Nutrition Week in to raise awareness of how food and life style choices impact on health. The talk by different specialists dealt with the need to modify our life style and food so that it makes a positive impact on our health and society as a
Liver the most integral part of our body controls our health and the longevity and the ability to bounce back from infection. The session dwelt on how food we eat directly affects the functioning of the liver. Doctors went to explain how the liver filters and metabolizes nearly everything we ingest——— food  medicines vitamins and minerals and how when taken in excess it can affect the health of the liver. The talk session explained about the most common liver disease—the fatty liver and how the live also indicates that we take notice of our lifestyle and modify it accordingly to save it from further (1)
 The liver which is the biggest organ in our body becomes fatty when it increases from its normal size and thereby causing discomfort in different forms. the talk session dealt with topics like why fat in the liver is unhealthy how food contributes to fatty liver. This was followed by a nutrition exhibition which presented pictorial awareness of the liver the foods that contributes to good health of the liver and food that should be avoided
Liver loves   pomegranate   avocado  turmeric  beetroot  garlic  walnuts broccoli and lemons.  Liver dislikes  fried food  instant food excess sodium and alcohol.
courtesy    Prabalika M. Borah    The Hindu

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