AVOCADOdownload (3)

Mash a ripe avocado with a little olive oil and add a fer drops of an essential oil like rosemary or lavender. Apply to hair especially the tips and wash off 

So you know that a coconut oil massage can work wonders for your hair. But enriching it after it’s heated [ in a double boiler ] with some herbs and a few drops of essential oils works even better
BANANAdownload (4)
Blend a ripe banana with extra virgin olive oil vegetable glycerin and some honey in a mixer. Apply to hair for thirty minutes before rinsing off.
VINEGARimages (1)
Fill a jar of apple older vinegar [above half way ] with herbs of your choice [ chamomile  nettle  calendula ] . Let it rest for up to three weeks in a warm spot shaking occasionally. Strain the liquid add a few drops of essential oils and dilute with distilled water [ about four parts water for one part rinse ] before using.

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