My tasty food in the ‘ LUNCH BOX ‘

download (1)After a long time my son and self have been to a Hindi movie, of a parallel cinema genre, yesterday afternoon. “Lunch box.” The story is knitted among just four characters – an accountant, his assistant, a middle class house wife and the Lunch box. The advice and tips given by an old lady, living upstairs, to the house wife is something different and till the end we hear only the voice but cannot see the lady. Actually  there are two stories. One- what we see and the other, which is going on

We must be in a good mind set to understand both and actually is what the director wants to tell through the story. The letters exchanged in the Lunch box are less conversational, more confessional and expressive.   We had enough jokes also in between for a change.  They all lived in their roles and no single frame is boring in the film. It tells about the life of middle class family living in Mumbai and also the busy life of the Dabbawalas in Mumbai.  We cannot say we watched the film, actually we also lived in Bandra and Malad  for two hours with them and came home with heart content of mixed feelings.images

Read good reviews in newspapers before watchin it. After a long time we watched a good film and returned with full satisfaction.


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