Every now and then we come across people who do not let their disabilities hinder them.jjjj

Take the example of  Pavithra Molugu who has ben visually impaired since birth. She recently bagged four gold medals at her college convocation— three for seoring the highest in history. public administration and political science. The fourth wasfor being the most persuasive student of 2011-12 of st St. Francis college for women.She has also been awarded the proficiency prize from 2009-2012.

Pavithra who is currently doing her MA in history from UoH gave up Braille after class IX. How does she manage without Braille? “I record the chapters taught in class on my phone’s voice recorder. And my mother records the synopsis of each chapter. I club both and that helps me understand the topic” she says. Pavithra says that being visually impaired has never been a hindrance. ” I aspire to crack the government service exam” says Pavithra thanking her parents for thaeir unflinching support. What keeps her going? “Hellen Keller” she says, “She has taught me that nothing is impossible if you are a confident. But it’s not just studies for Pavithra she is also learning carnatic music.

courtesy   Neha Jha       Deccan chronicle


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