Bizarre fruit

download (2)If you have ever walked into a butcher shop where sausages links and salamis dangled from the ceiling, you have an idea of what it might be like to stand  under a spreading sausage tree. Surely one of the oddest looking plants on earth this African native grows to a height of thirty to forty feet. Its large hanging flowers bloom at night giving off a mouse like odour that is appealing to the tree’s favourite pollinator the bat. But it is the fruit that gives this tropical wonder its remarkable appearance and its (3)

The chord like stalks that hang from the branches end in long slender fruits which greatly resemble sausages. They are usually about one to two feet long but can grow to three feet and can weigh up to fifteen pounds each. Some grow in bunches like bananas. Some hang alone at the end of their stalks. The sight of these gigantic “sausages” dangling from the rainforest canopy is truly one of the most unusual in Nature.images (1)


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