imaOmum is one of the minoor spices grown and used in India. It is known as such in Tamil  Vamu in telugu Oma in kannada ajwan in Hindi. Punjabi and Ayamothakam in Malayalam while it may also be kown as Bishop’s weed  Carom or Jurani. Omum seeds are small pungent and belong to the cumin and parsley family. Seeds are brownish grey in colour irregular in size have a characteristic odour and have a hot lingering taste. 100 grams of omum contains 17.1 grams of protin 21.8 grams of fat 1525 mg of calcium 443 mg of phosphorus and 12.5 mg of iron. The spice contains thymol which has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. Hence it is used as a preservative for canned (1)

In the West thymol is used in medicines against cough and throat imitation. Due to the thymol content omum can be effective in treating worms in the body. Omum is known for its excellent medicinal value. according to ayurvedic medicine omum is a powerful cleanser of the body. It is known to expel gas from the stomach or intestines so as to relieve abdominal pain or distension. It is helpful for stimulating the appetite enhancing digestion and to ease

Omum is considered to have warming effects and hence used during treatment of common cold. Chewing a pinch of omum also acts like a natural mouth freshner. While using this spice in recipes one needs to be cautious as even a very small amount of raw omum will take over the flavour of a dishimages


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