Stave off food allergies


imagesFood allergies are skyrocketing and leading the list are emulsifiers and additives used in processed foods such as peanut butter  lunch meats  margarine  mayonnaise  sauces  candy and bakery products. Here are five smart ways to prevent and deal with food allergiesdownload

Read the latest info about allergy causing foods. Watch out for emulsifiers in mass produced salad dressings and sauces and for sulfites in seeminglay safe packaged foods. Turn off “ a;;ergu gemes”. Early evidence points to tobacco smoke polluted air and fast food. Meanwhile pregnant moms can help fortify their newborns against allergies by eating a healthy diet and after birth by breast feeding the baby as long as possible.vgyy

Take kids with food reactions to an allergist to determine which foods caused the allergy and make sure you’re equipped with emergency medication that stops life threatening reactions. Talk to your paediatrician about introducing allergenic foods. Early exposure actually might train a young immune system to react properly

Courtesy    THE HINDU


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