Most of us have been on this planet for millions of years. Yet man is able to destroy innumerable species of animals and plants in a span of a few decades. Here are just en of many lost friendsuuu

  • MOA BIRD   a large extinct flightless bird of New Zealand similar to the ostrich that existed in a number of varieties and died out at the end of the 18th century.download

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      HAWAIIAN CROW  an extinct large crow or small raven that was distributed on Hawaiian islands.

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      RED HEADED GREEN MACAW  This parrot is an extinct species whose head was red the body bright green and the wings and greater covers blue. The tail was scarlet and blue on top whereas the tail and wings were intense orange yellow underneath.

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        Dodo bird  A large extinct flightless bird of the pigeon family that once inhabited Mauritius and neighbouring islands in the Indian Ocean. The dodo which was heavy set with short legs and a hooked bill became extinct in the late 17


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      CARIBBEAN MONK SEAL  The Caribbean monk seal West Indian seal or sea wolf as early explorers referred to it was a species of seal native to the Caribbean and now believed to be extinct.

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      TASMANAIAN WOLF  It is commonly known as the Tasmanian tiger or the Tasmanian wolf. Native to continental Australia Tasmania and New guinea, it is thought to have become extinct in the 20


      century. It was hunted to probable extinction in the 1930’s the last known Tasmanian wolf dying in Hobart Zoo Tasmania in 1936.

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      WEST AFRICAN BLACK RHINO  the western black rhinoceros or West African black rhinoceros is an extinct subspecies of the black rhinoceros. They were believed to have been genetically different from other rhino subspecies. It was once widespread in the savannah of sub Saharan Africa but its numbers declined due to poaching

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    The Dodo is an extinct flightless bird that was endermic to the island of Marituius east of Madagascar in the Indian ocean. Its closest genetic relative was the also extinct Rodrigues solitaire the two forming the subfamily Raphinae of the family of pigeons and doves. The closest relative of Dodo is the Nicobar pigeon a white Dodo was once incorrectly thought to have existed on the nearby island of Reunion.

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