Cup that cures?

downloadA new research has shown that tea could help lose weight, improve heart health and slow the progression of prostate cancer. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition features 12 articles about the relationship between tea and human health. Highlights of some of the reports published include the following five papers— Tea leaf plyphenols may promote weight loss. The polyphenols and the caffeine in tea increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation, providing benefits for maintaining ideal body weight. Tea may reduce risk for some cancersimages

. Green tea polyphenols may play a role in arresting the progression of certain cancers. Tea catechines are cardioprotective  Numerous studies suggest tea supports heart health and healthy blood pressure. Tea flavonoids improve bone strength. Tea improves mood alertness and problem solving abilities. Results from new research found that drinking tea improved attention and allowed individuals to be more focused on the task at hand

Courtesy   THE HINDU


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