Fruits best for detoxing

download (4)Festivals are a time when diet and gym routines go haywire. But if one bounces back quickly to a healthy lifestyle the damages won’t be long term. That’s why it is important to detoxify your body after the festive season. Drinking  about eight glasses of water is a simple way to flush out acidic toxins. To take care of your skin get a face massage to improve blood circulation. Using natural scrubs like moong dal  dahi  honey and banana pulp can work wonders. To sum it up here are a few pointers

Go on a fruit dietdownload

Once the festival time is over give yourself about three days without a normal diet. Go on a fruit diet rich in vitamins minerals and fibre content the fruits will help you cleanse your system.

Indulge in heavy exercisedownload (1)

This will help you flush out the toxins and improve your blood circulation.

Exfoliate and pamper the skin

Take to exfoliating daily for four to five days. Use a scrub with fine particles so as not to cause harm to the skin. Scrub daily and use hydrating moisturizers and face packs.

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