Home made remedies to remove blackheads

  1. Olive oildow

Mix a few drops of olive oil with lemon juice and apply it on the blackheads. Massage olive oil on your face regularly to prevent a relapse of black heads. Leave the oil on for 15 minutes and put a warm wet cloth over it. The cloth will remove the dirt from the skin and loosen the blackheads.

Raw potatodownload (2)

This is another simple ingredient that works like magic. But ensure that the raw potato should not contain any black and green spots. Crate the potato and apply on the blackheads gently for 10 minutes. Wash your face after it dries up.

Lemon juicedownload

Take one teaspoon of sugar and some drops of lemon juice and gently rub on the blackheads. It will not only remove them but also make your skin glow.

Steamdownload (1)

Another effective way of removing blackheads is by taking steam. Ensure your face is clean and without make-up. You can add some lemon or herbs for a refreshing aroma.


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