World day for prevention of child abuse


Smart ways to keep yourself safe


1. You are the boss o your body. No one is allowed to hurt your body in any way.

2. Sometimes people try and trick you by giving you sweets money or gifts to break the touching rules. Refuse to do what they ask and donot take gifts they give you

3. Secrets about touching are not okay.  Always tell your trusted adult if someone tries to break the touching rules ans asks you to keep it a secret.


4. Practice shouting because that ‘s what you need to do when someone is trying to touch you in a way which makes you feel confused scared or uncomfortable.

images (1)

5. If your are worried or scared or confused by the way someone touches you or makes you feel tell a grown up you  trust about it. If the person you tell doesn’t help you then tell someone else. And keep on telling till you get the help you need. Some examples of grown ups you may want to tell are parents teachers or grandparents.

6. Hugs  and kisses are nice  especially from people you like. But if they make you feel scared confused or uncomfortable make sure you tell a grown up you truse.

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7. If someone tries to break the touching rules it is very important to learn to use this word loudly  NO

8. Always remember it is never your fault when someone breaks the touching rules.

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