Secret beauty of ugly animals

download (8)In the animal kingdom there are many creatures which look really weird but there  is a purpose behind those ugly looks. Wildlife filmmaker and adventurer Nigel Marven travels in search of the world’s oddest looking animals which do not conform to conventional beauty and finds out why they look the way they (7)

Every species holds its own peculaiar fascination regardless of how it appears. In a world obsessed with beauty being ugly in the animal world has its advantages. For some animals the oddities make them more attractive to the opposite sex and in cases ugliness can make the difference between life and death.vvvvv

Vultures are the most peculiar group of birds. With their featherless heads craggy beaks and unattractive folds of skin  vultures are one of the ugliest in the bird world. Their bald heads serve a purpose preventing blood and gore being imbedded on them during

The Rare Asian Stork   Like the vulture the asian Storks have bald heads also to help with their feeding as they are prone to not only dive for fish but also into mounds of decaying rubbish. They’re unattractiveness is heightened by inflatable air sacks a pouch at the front and a giant strawberry shaped one at the back. They show dominance by inflating their (2)

Star nosed mole  The Uninted states of America is home to an unusual breed of mole the str nosed mole. They have the most sensitive sense of touch and are amongst the best of the underground Earth moving creatures. Its snout a ring of 22 tentacles is actually super sensitive and allows the mole to hunt 14 times faster than other moles. They are also the world’s fastest eaters. They can catch and down prey in a fifth of a second.

Warthogs are one of Africa’s ugliest rodents bristling with hair and covered in facial lumps download (3)or warts. With its disproportioned shaped head the warthog just looks odd its wants  males have four and females have two are actually pads of tough skin and gristle which can actually save their lives. The lumps act as shock absorbers during battles’download (5)

Bats are another odd looking bunch. Its facial wrinkles are designed to fine tune the echolocation system that they use to hunt insects in pitch (9)

Budgett’s frog is one of the oddest looking amphibians in the world. Its loose wet skin gives the impression that they have been lifted straight out of an unattractive jelly mold and haven’t quite get properly. Loost fitting folds help the desert frongs absorb traces of oxygen from dwindling (6)

Naked mole rats are small wrinkly virtually hairless rodents that live in Africa. An animal closest relative to the porcupines the naked mole rats normally burrow underground. These mole rats have shed their hair forever with no fur to trap mud  or sand so that these burrowers can slide along smoothly. They can bore two kilometers of tunner in under three months.

A Northern Bull Elephant Seal has a long flexible snout that can be over two feet long. images (2)Their jumbo sized nose will put them ahead in the race to male. During the breeding season they show off their noses make tremendous bellowing sound which can be heard up to a mile away.



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