The man of unquenchable curiosity

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500 years on thre is  much to learn from the amazing Leonordo da Vinci. Many of today’s challenges can be answered using his approach

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Leonardo Da Vinci born in 1452 an engineer astronomer architect athlete biologist designer entertainer geologist goldsmith inventor musician magician poet philosopher scientist sculptor urban planner and much much more. He was a Polymath- a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas. He single handedly developed  a new approach involving the observation of nature reasoning and mathematics—what is known today as the scientific method. Was Leonardo a scientist who studied art or an artist who studied science? Clearly he was

We can learn a lot by examining Leonardo and the Renaissance period. Michael J Gelb in his book  how to think like Leonardo mentions the keys Leonardo used to live his life and think the way he did.  They were curiosity having an insatiable curiosity and appetitie for learning . cultivating grace and fitness- the citizens of Florence turned out in numbrs just to watch him walk down the street. Demonstration – to test knowledge through experience application and making mistakes. Leonardo knew based on his own experiments and experience that most conventional wisdom is inherently flawed and limited. It was for this reason that he strongly resisted imitating anyone. Think for yourself and question arthority- those are the watch words that Leonardo advised ? do you think that he was right to recommernd that/ test it and see. Sensation is another of his keys- enliven and challenge all one’s senses. What is the most beautiful thing you have seen the sound you have heard aroma smelt food tasted and tender touch felt? Connections are another key.gyui

. Leonardo said  everything comes from everything and everything is made out of everything and everything returns into everything. Everything is interrelated and it is our job to find the connections. Embrace ambiguilty is the key to facing the unknown. Sometimes we are uncertain the key is to keep an open mind when we come across uncertainty. This unleashes our creative potential. Finally by balancing Art and Science — logic and imagination we learn Whole-Brain thinking.images



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