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City professor Appa Rao Podile was recently awarded for his research on biological pesticides. Hailing from a family of farmers in Guntur Appa Rao Podile has seen people die after consuming foods that were exposed  to chemical pesticides. That ‘s why he spent over twenty five years developing biological pesticides to tackle fungal attacks.

Also the University of Hyderabad professor recently received an award for his contribution to the field of agricultural microbiology. “ I am working on the use of biological bacteria to target fungal diseases and once wer are convinced. We will select one or two from a sample of hundreds and use it on the plants. These bacteria also secrete certain hormones that will help the plant grow healthier and faster.”download (12)

So what are the challenges of carrying out such ambitions projects while working within a traditional university stepu? “It’s important to look out for endowment for research projects. Over the years I’ve been developing myown green house and field facilities for my research” he says.images (4)

And what lies ahead? “I was recently awarded a grant of 1,50,000 euros by the European Union and have been working simultaneously with seven European researchers to advance this science further. The Indian government has also granted me an endowment of rupees 70 lakh to carry out more research on groundnut related bactria” says Rao.


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