Saving our rocks

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Hyderabad is home to rocks that are over 2500 million years old. And a bunch of city enthusiasts are trying their best to preserve these silent  wonders.

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Our city is built in a rocky foundation. For million of years predating the dinosaurs by a long margin this was the literal truth in the region. But the rocks have taken on a new role and they have their needs, thanks to widespread urbanization and construction. Coming to their rescue  is the society to save rocks a unique body of people striving towards protecting these (3)

Treasurer of the Society Sangeeta Varma says “Hyderabad was once home to some of the most unique rock formations. Their shapes sizes tilt positioning and colour were beautiful. Carbon dating has shown them to be 2500 million years old. Unfortunately with growing population and spread of the city limits these lovely formations have been the target of rockless damage. This distruction has moved some likeminded pople to start the society to Save Rocks.”images (2)

“ It is the only environment based society working towards protecting rocks in the whole of India. These rocks are heritage of the state and hence the need to protect them” she (4)

As part of its regular activities the society conducts events where participants are taken for where participants are taken for walks on these rocks surfaces and experts on the subfect talk about them. Sangeeta added “ the society conducts rock walks lectures and presentations in schools etc on a regular basis to educate people on the uniqueness and geological importance of rocks.” As a part of its annual event the society conducts Rackathon where participants take part in various events related to rocks. This year the Rockathon will be held on December 1 at Hyderabad Central University. Some of the activities will be rock walk trail run rock photography contest rock quiz rock balancing rock installation rock shot put etc…..images (1)

Talking about Rackathon  Sangeeta says “ The Hyderabad Rockathone is being organized in association with the Great Hyderabad adventure Club. Society to Save Rocks will be doing the comparatively ‘soft’ skills activities like rock walk quiz rock photography rock pilling rock installation etc and GHAC which has a team of personnel trained in climbing and rappelling would be moderating the other activities. Because we need more people to speak about rocks and spread awareness” “ The University of Hyderabad has many rocky scapes and the lung space ideal for Rockathon . The beautiful  ‘mushroom’ rock is on the campus.”download (12)

Talking about the society’s on going work to save rocks that are being cut down and destroyed due to rampant construction. Sangeeta says “ The society to save rocks has been making representations to various architect associations to encourage them to design buildings in and around rocks. There are some architects/ firms  of architects who are environment sensitive. A classic example is the building of LaCoNes. Some houses in areas like Jubilee Hills have artistically used rocks as walls in their drawing rooms staircases etc.IN03_VSS_DECCANROCK_120848g

“We need corporate the media and the government is to be more pro active in supporting this cause. Sangeeta adds. The registration to participate will begin at 7 a.m  and the event will continue upto  4.30 p m.



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