Summit salute

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December 11 was designated as International Mountain Day by the United National General Assembly in 2003. Every year the themes are different but they are all related to preserving the mountains and its people.images (4)


Mountains are central to life and it is to create awareness about the important role they play that there is a Day especially for them. You may live by the sea shore or you may live in the plains or far away from any mountain range but all life is connected by the mountains and also affected by them.images (5)

This is because mountains provide us with most of the freshwater and are also home to a wide variety of plants and animals. So when mountains are threatened by deg radation unfair mining practices armed conflict and the effect of climate change then poverty and hunger threatens the web of life supported by the mountains.images (6)

This year’s theme “Mountains-key to sustainable Future” will focus on how these mountains  can help move the world to an economic growth that is capable of being continued with minimal long term effect on the environment. It is also an attempt to underline how goods and services derived from mountain regions are essential for sustainable development.


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