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The beautiful irony of the river is the presence of giant creatures symbolizing that the river is healthy and alive. The day the monsters disappear is the day the river dies.

In the foothills of Himalayas bordering India and Nepal there is a river Kali named after the Hindu Goddess Kali. A tributary of Ganges. Kali is a very powerful

The lower part of the Kali river before it enters the Ganges has warm water and sustains Mugger Crocodiles. Mugger crocodiles typically prefer deep pools and slower flowing rivers and nice embankments to crawl out on and bask. There are three species of crocodiles that inhabit India and Nepal—the Salty the Gharial and the Mugger. The Mugger is the most widespread. Reaching lengths of 18 foot they are serious predators and have even been observed feeding on tiger. Muggers have been known to attack and kill livestock such as cows and buffalos on a fairly  regular basis in some parts of India. They are not typically known as man eaters, but attack on humans does happen (2)

Muggers are less agile out of water and are easily visible on land. They come ashore to bask in the sun and lay their eggs and they remain out of the water for up to 12 hours each day. Although hardly ever seen waters of River Kali are home to the biggest Fresh water Turtles in the world. They can weigh about 200 pound. The reason these creatures are so rare is that they are killed. Turtles are not active predators but they’re scavengers. They just sit and wait for the food and fatten themselves (1)

River Kali also inhibits a rare species of predatory catfish—Goonch also known as giant devil catfish. The goonch are found near the Corbett National Park. These fish stick together in groups and are found in the deep pools tight against the rocks. Goonch have huge backward facing teeth. They have six foot of muscle behind their mouth and their teeth are just like shark teeth. They have smooth scale less back and can weigh more than 160 pounds. They can measure five to seven feet from head to tail with a 40 inch girth and 45 inch wingspan.images

These fish get to feed on human corpses which are immersed in the river. Locals believe that these creatures are actually attracted by commotion on the river banks particularly the flames vibration smells everything associated  with the riverside (4)


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