Ageing process

Add these four items to your daily diet to beat the ageing process smoothly and (1)

These sweet treats are packed with flavanolds which are a kind of anti-oxidant. Just popping in a handful of blueberries or raspberries or strawberries every day can give a huge dose of nutrients.images (3)

Vitamin c is another anti-oxidant found in plenty  in citrus fruits. It helps in maintaining healthy skin. Not just the juice the pulp from citrus is a type of fiber that helps you feel fulldownload (2)

Nuts provide minerals like potassium which help control blood pressure. Nuts also contain healthy fats that some researchers believe preserve elasticity in your skin.images (1)

Whole grains include brown rice oatmeal and even whole wheat pasta. They provide your body with iron and also B vitamins which keep energy levels high and skin healthy.


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