Hair care


This party staple is not just meant for happy hours. Besides drinking it try using it on the hair and rinsing it thoroughly after shampooing. The brew is a good source of protein that coats damaged hair and makes it look healthydownload (1)

Once you are past the strong suffurous odour then onion juice is an ingredient that can go a long way to help with thinning and graying hair. Studies have shown that onion juice helps in regenerating hair follicles and treating fungal infections that can cause hair (2)

This thick sweet syrup can be used to help increase moisture in hair just like a conditioner. Ensure it’s slightly lukewarm.images

You can drink tea for hair growth but you can also use it on your hair. Pick the type according to your own colour black tea for dark hair chamomile for lighter hair  and allow it to sit. You can deepen boost or brighten your hair colour with some fresh brewed tea that compliments your natural colour. It also softens your curls.


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