Down the ages


There are generally two types of kids. Those who think museums are serious boring places. And the other who feel museums are fun exciting places where you can learn lots of things. A visit to Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad will convert all to lovers of museums. Simply because among the exhibits in this museum there is a section especially marked for children.

Enthrallingdownload (1)

The Salar Jung Museum is the world’s largest one man art collection. The Indian Parliament has declared the museum an Institution of National Importance. The museum currently has thirty eight galleries divided into three blocks  Indian Block Western Block and Eastern Block and approximately 13654  objects are on display. They belong to periods ranging from second century B.C  to the early 20th century A Ddownload (2)

Mir Yousuf Ali Khan widely known as Salar Jung III was responsible for acquiring most of this collection. Hence the museum is named after him. The children’s section is fascinating. On the ground floor is the Flora and Fauna Gallery. On display are hundreds of real looking animals and birds made of marble porcelain and metal. They are from Japan  China and European countries. There is a large Toys and Dolls Gallery where you will find hundreds of beautiful dolls and toys in all sizes shapes and colours and from various cultures around the world.images

A big attraction is the Toy Army. It contains nearly 8000 small and colourful toys in wood and metal representing European armies. Nearby is a collection of wooden marble and porcelain toys and also a lovely Doll (3)

The Musical Clock is another favourite. Salar Jung bought this large ornate clock from Cook and Kelvey of England. At every hour a timekeeper emerges from the upper deck of the clock and strikes a gong. There are many more amazing clocks including Grandfather clocks, Bird Cage clocks, Bracket clocks. Skeleton clocks and more.images (2)

The Deputy Keeper Salar Jung Museum Ch.Srinivas  Rao explains that there are various events for children round the year. Also during children’s week ie November 14 to 20 all children can enter free of cost.images (3)

Across its galleries Salar Jung museum contains stunningly beautiful works of art sourced from around the world including India. Since each item is captioned mentioning date and origin you can learn a lot about art.images (1)




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