Power of an ocean

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Equator in geography is an imaginary line circling the earth midway between the North and South poles. Equator is a unique region of our planet home to both the world’s greatest concentration of human population and natural biodiversity. Beneath the sweltering heat of the equatorial sun lie paradise beaches strange foods and exotic wildlife along with some of the world’s most extreme terrains dense rainforests towering volcanoes and perilous rapids.images (6)

The sun giver of light and life shines most powerfully at the equator. Hence equator is an extraordinarily rich zone of life. More than an imaginary  line on a map equator is a powerful force of nature.

Ocean currentsimages (4)

The ocean’s power comes from the equatorial sun. it sets in motion great currents that bring food and minerals to the islands bringing riches to feed many creatures. Out across the equatorial Pacific the immensely powerful sun heats surface waters to nearly thirty degrees Celsius. Warm moist air rises in such huge amounts that from space the equator is visible as a lane of boiling cloud. Cool air drawn in from below is swept west by the spin of the earth.

These are the trade winds and they collide at the equator creating thunderstorms and heavy rain. Palmyra Atoll and Galapagos are a group of islands which also lie on the equator.

Equatorial skiesdownload (5)

Nearly thirty species of seabirds come to nest in Palmyra Atoll. It is one of only a few islands in the equatorial Pacific where seabirds can raise their young. Red footed Booby Chick depends on the tall trees for nesting. To find food for its hungry chick a red footed booby spends most of its time far out at sea searching for flying fish.images (7)

With a wingspan of more than two meters and an amazingly light body a Frigatebird is an aerobatic thug able to steal sticks out of a booby’s beak in mid air.download (6)

Although Albatrosses are cold climate birds the Galapagos islands are home to Waved Albatrosses the only truly tropical species

Coral Reefs and fishdownload (7)

The coral reef looks like  a vast grden but it’s one made up of millions of tiny animals. Each coral is  a colony of polyps all filtering food from the passing current. The real secret of a coral polyp’s success are the minute gardens buried inside its tissue. Millions of zoozanthellae microscopic algae make food for themselves and their host coral by photosynthesis by hamessing the power of the equatorial sun.download (8)


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