Sugar spice and all that’s nice—–that’s what these body scrubs are made of

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Plain sea salt [the coarse granulated variety] makes for a great body scrub itself. However if you all olive oil and some lemon juice to it it smoothens and brightens skin in addition to exfoliating it. Mix half a cup of the sea salt with half a cup of the oil and a teaspoon of lime (3)

Half a cup of brown sugar mixed with a similar quantity of coconut oil and half a teaspoon of vanilla makes for a fragrant (2)

Sea salt when mixed with honey makes for a quick and effective body scrub. Mix equal quantities together and rub it (6)

For a flavoured body scrub mix a cup of sugar with one of sea salt half a cup of an oil of your choice  olive / til  and add a teaspoon of strawberry extrac


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