Face book and blood

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In 2009 18 year old Karthik Naralasetty dropped out of Rutgers University for the simple reason ‘ he did not want to waste his parents’s hard earned money’

Karthik came back to India the same year and started a technology company completely unaware that just six years down the line he would be making headlines the world over.download (1)

Founder of Socialblood a network connecting blood donors the world over Karthik was recently featured in the “Facebook Stories” which profiles people using Facebook in extraordinary ways.

Karthik’s story uploaded just a week back has got more than a million likes. The idea to start Socialblood came when he read a news report about a young girl from rural Karnataka who was suffering from Thalassemia. “ I looked at current platforms people used to find blood donors and none of them really appealed to me. And on the other side I read TechCrunch and came across this statistics . More than 80% of India’s  Internet population is on Facebook every other day. I asked myself. If my social networking site can notify me about my friend’s birthday why can’t it tell me that my friend met with an accident and needs three units of blood?” questions Karthik who is now based in New York.images (6)

He created eight facebook groups for eight blood types and invited his friends to join. “Not only did they join but they also shared requests for blood and it spread like a wildfire.”

Karthik says “Our first break through came in 2012 when we received funding from Rajan anandan [MD Google India]. Karthik Reddy [Blume ventures] and Ramesh Kumar Shah and Ravi Gururaj of Harvard Business school Alumni Angels”

The company was officially incorporated in early 2013 [Delaware US] and the Indian subsidiary was started six months later.

Karthik adds “ Our missionis to connet the entire population of Facebook to their blood ypes and turn Facebook into the world’s largest blood bank thus solving the world’s blood crisis’.



 COURTESY                          HYDERABAD CHRONICLE


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