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Lemons to the rescue

Acitrus fruit like lemon changes the PH level of your skin making it more acidic. All bacteria including the odour causing kinds have a hard time surviving in a highly acidic environment. Just rub on some lemon and pat dry.

Oil it rightimag

Apply tea tree oil to problem areas as long as it doesnot irritate your skin. This oil from an Australian tree kills bacteria and also has a pleasant scent. You can also try essential oils of lavender pine and peppermint fight bacteria. They also smell nice. Since some people have  a skin reaction to certain oils, dab the oil on a small patch of skin before using.

Drink a special teadownload (2)

Have a few springs of parsley which is credited with anti-odour properties. Or make parsley tea by steeping a teaspoon of chopped fresh parsley in a cup of boiling water for five minutes. Let it cool a bit before you drink it.


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