week end visit to Kolanpaka

DSC00932Jain shrine at the village of Kolanupaka in Nalgonda district, Andhra Pradesh, India. The temple houses three idols: one each of Lord Rishabha, Lord Neminath, and Lord Mahaveer. The image of Lord Rishabha, carved of a green stone has been historically famous as “Manikyaswami”. The temple is about 80 km from Hyderabad on the Hyderabad-Warangal Highway NH 163. Lord Rishabha, popularly called Adinath Bhagvan, was the first Tirthankar in the Jain. There are eight idols of the other Tirthankars on both the sides of the main temple. The statue of Lord Mahaveer is 130 centimetres (51 in) tall and is said to be made of a single piece of jade. Idols of Lord Simandar Swami and Mata Padmavati are installed on either side of the main temple..


Kulpakji is an important pilgrimage center for Svetambara Jains of South India. Also, the Someshwara Temple is very famous, which was established by Chalukya’s about 800 years back. Kolanu means a Lake and Paka means a Hut. There used to be lots of lakes and huts and this caused to get this name The temple was recently renovated by employing more than 150 artisans from Rajasthan and Gujarat supervised by Sompuras. The old garbhagrah was preserved and a complete new temple was created surrounding the existing towerDSC01113

The Jain temple here is made out of red sand stone and white marble pillars. The intricate carvings on the temple walls and ceilings are worth praising. And the rich look inside is also well maintained. This is a new construction over an old temple which is said to be having a history of 2000 years. Jineshwar Idol is also known by Manikyaswamy as the idol is said to be carved using the jewel of a ring worn by King Bharatheswar.DSC00986

According to mythology, the Jineshwar idol present over here was originally at Ayodhya and then later on taken to Vethadai mountain and there after its praise reaching the heavens; lord Indra, who is the king of Gods has carried the idol to the heavens. Later the idol was brought to earth by Sri Ravana by pleasing the king of Gods.DSC01039

Sri Rani Mandodari consort of Sri Ravana, is a Jain by religion and comes to know about this Jinneshwar and takes a wish to start praying this idol. Ravana fulfills her wish by performing a great penance and pleases Indra to obtain it and thus brings back to earth. Ultimately because of the actions of Ravana abducting Sita Devi, consort of Sri Rama. Gods convey the message to Mandodri to pass away the idol in the deep seas. After lots of years, a king from the Karnataka region named Shankar takes the responsibility to bring up this idol as an advice from the spiritual guides to protect his country people from an epidemic. Thus with help of a sacred process he brings out the idol from the seas and on his way back he halts at this place called Kolanpak and there he gets a resistance to move the idol further, considering it as god’s decision the king decides to build a magnificent temple around it. religion. It is believed that the original idol of Lord Adinath, known locally as Manikya Deva, has made Kolanupaka its abode.DSC00947

We visited this Jain temple and Someswar temples on March 1st  2014. We started by 7 A.M   and had a great time there. While returning home we visited Bhongir Fort also  and came home by 3 P.M  Very enjoyable and unforgettable week end trip.



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