From the diary of Vaishnavi Maganti

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She grew up dreaming of being a writer so it didn’t come as a surprise to Vaishnavi Maganti’s family when she recently had her first book published at just 16. Titled ‘ Dear Diary’ the book is reminiscence of Vaishnavi’s childhood and the little things that have inspired her. We caught up with the young author: who tells us how she made her childhood dream come true while she is still a child.

“I had always wanted to write a book but it was only in September 2013, when I had written four to five short stories that I actually thought of getting them published. I started approaching publishers and penguin pattridge asked for my collection and then told me to go ahead with my book “Vaishnavi (6)

In just 45 days the enthusiastic writer had penned 16 short stories for her first book. “The book is a mix of personalized events and the little things in life that inspire us all. There are 16 short stories because I ‘m 16. I chose the title because it’sa personal and a dear book for me” she says about Dear Diary.

Picking her favourites chapters Vaishnavi adds “The note which is about my grandparents and My Happy Meal which is about my mother are my favourites”download (7)

Juggling writing and preparing for her ongoing Board exams was a tough challenge but the determined girl used it to her advantage. “Time management was getting difficult as I didn’t want my study schedule to be affected while I wrote the book. That’s how I actually wrote one of my stories The Bagh. While preparing for my history exam I thought instead of studying the conventional way why not make a story out of it so that I learn better. The story is about a young couple and their journey at the time of India’s independence”

Right now Vaishnavi finds herself at the crossroads of choosing between  mass communication and business management for her further studies. “But I definitely want to write more” she declares.




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