Dry fruits are better than mithais


Limiting refined sugar to ten percent of the total consumption is tough but it is required due to the rising incidence of obesity. Refined sugar in processed foods, fruit juices, beverages and foods leads to several health issues and makes people prone to diseases which were earlier thought to strike only at later stages of life.

Dr Guru Prasad senior physician at Care Hospital explained. “ The WHO guidelines for sugar reduction are a welcome change but the tough problem is the implementation. How are refined sugars to be cut? Curailing a habit is tough and it would mean replacing refined sugars with healthy substitutes like jiggery or opting for low sugar alternatives. At the same time it’s important for parents teachers and also family members to change gifting habits. A dry fruit box or fresh fruits are better gifts than chocolate boxes or mithais. To limit sweets there is a need for the society to accept that too much of processed sugar is harmful.”download (1)

Sugar has been a part of our diets for too long. Keeping it at bay is not going to be an easy task. However making this change is now an essential need. To lead a healthy life we need to work towards reducing our sugar intake. Move over chocolates and try some fruits.


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