Reduce intake of empty calories

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The calories in sugar are called “empty calories” as they provide few or no nutrients. Diets with a lot of empty calories in them become nutritionally inadequate. For example if an individual eats half his daily calorie requirement in the form of high sugar foods the intake of other foods is reduced and so are essential nutrients like proteins vitamins and minerals. As you eat sugar the body craves for more of it and when you give in to the craving you increase the intake of empty calories.images

K. Sunitha Premalatha chief dietician at Yashoda Hospital explains “sugar is widely used as a sweetener preservative and bulking agent. With tastes changing from traditional foods to processed foods the consumption of sugar has shot up. Lifestyles are changing due to social as well as peer pressure and unhealthy food choices like ice creams ready to drink beverages fruit juices and fruit concentrates have transitioned from once in a while treats to becoming regular food requirements.

That’s why both children and adults must reduce the intake of sugar rich foods as they cause more harm than good to our bodies.




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