Sugar rich meals lead to malnourishment


The biggest challenge faced in cutting down of sugar are the improper food combinations that have become the norm (1)

The practice of combining meals with high sugar desserts like ice creams and sweets is unhealthy. Dr.Ravindra Nallgonda consultant critical care Aware Global Hospitals explains.”People drink sweet beverages between meals. Some have the habit of starting meals with sweets and also ending it with sweets. These food habits spoil the digestive system  and also end up loading the body with too many calories. In these cases even if the rest of the food contains essential nutrients the total nutrient intake is reduced and the result is malnourishment. This is an ironic situation where calorie rich meals do not provide adequate nourishment. Hence it is important to change unhealthy eating habits. Natural sugars in fruits and vegetables are sufficient for the body”.images

“Obesity diabetes heart diseases and dental decay are caused due to excessive intake of sugar. The need to create awareness about less sugar consumption is as important as spreading awareness about tobacco addiction because sugar consumption can cause innumerable health issues.




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