Penguin—sub zero survivor

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Penguin is a large flightless sea bird. There are 17 species of penguins belonging to six large genera[groups]. The various kinds differ in size and the  markings on heads and necks but are otherwise similar in appearance. Male and female of a species look alike. The smallest penguin is the little blue penguin about 12 inches tall and weighs about 2 pounds and the largest is the emperor penguin about 39 inches. Penguins guard their chicks until they can fend for

Features:_  Penguins are blue-grey midnight blue or black on their upper parts and white below. Their heads are usually black with bold white markings. Rockhopper penguins are distinguished by yellow plumes on top of their heads. Penguins have short necks thickest bodies and short tails. Most of them have short blunt bills emperor and adelie penguins however have longer pointed down curvingbills. Rockhoppers got their name because of the way they hop up sleep rocky slopes.images (1)

Body:_  Penguins short legs and webbed feet are so far back on their bodies that they stand erect when on land. Their bodies are covered with three dense layers of short feathers. Penguins shed their old feathers and grow new ones it is called molting. Penguins molt once a (1)

Habits :_  Penguins walk with a clumsy waddle When traveling on ice they often throw themselves down on their bellies and slide. In water penguins are swift and graceful. They swim with their flipper like wings using their feet as rudders. Some can swim at a speed of more than 20 miles per hour. Penguins can dive to great depths. The emperor penguin can dive the deepest to depths of more than 1700 feet. Some penguins stay at sea for weeks at a time. Penguins eat only when at sea feeding on fish squid and shrimps. Penguins are normally quiet birds when excited however they make raucous croaking or trumpeting sounds. The jackass penguin is named for its loud braying call.images

Habitat:-  penguins inhabit the coasts of Antarctica the southern coasts of Africa and Australia and the coast of South America as far north in the west as Peru. They are also found in New Zealand the Falkland Islands and numerous small islands in the colder regions of the southern atlantic and Pacific oceans. The Galapagos penguins found in the Galapagos Islands on the Equator. This species is endangered because of human encroachment on its food supply and nesting grounds.

Are All Penguins Black and White? All adult penguins have dark backs and white or yellowish white fronts. Their dark backs are usually black. However their beaks necks and feet may be brightly colored. Some penguins also have colorful crests of feathers on their heads. A penguin’s  dark back may also keep it from getting too cold. Dark colors soak in or absorb sunlight.


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