Some facts about flamingos

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The flamingos can be spotted in Mumbai between December and May.

Two species of flamingos migrate to Mumbai—the Greater and Lesser flamingos.

Lesser flamingos Dark red bill that looks black from a distance has red iris and facial skin deep rose pink on head neck and body. They breed in Gujaratdownload (3)

Great flamingos  Long and thin neck pale pink black tipped bill. They are winter visitors to India said to arrive from Siberia and breed in Gujarat.

Their migration to Mumbai was first observed by Mumbai Port Trust employees around 15 years (3)

Other water birds that belong to mudflat habitats can also be spotted like white bellied sea eagles four species of egrets three species of herons two species of cormorants plovers kingfishers gulls terns sandpipers and more.

The Sewri Mahul mudflats has been declared an important bird area by BNHS. There are 422 important bird areas in India as identified by BNHS out of which 26 are in Maharashtra.



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