Deadliest and scariest


Among animals the blue whale is the biggest and the cheetah is the fastest runner—most of us have known this since grade school. Find out which are the most outrageous incredible and scariest of all the animals.images (2)

Snakes  are loaded with venom and their fangs are like needles injecting it straight t into their prey. Over one lakh people are killed by snakes around the world every year. There are only a few places in the world where snakes are really dangerous. The eight  meter long African  rock python is almost the length of a bus with a monster mouth and is one of the largest snakes in the world. Snakes only attack in (4)

Bears are far from cuddly. Found in North America grizzles are famous for their bad temper. The one thing guaranteed to make mom bear furious is if you get between  her and her cubs. But she’s got good reason to worry. Her cubs are totally dependent on her. The big ones are three meters tall and weigh about 400 kilos that’s  nearly six times the weight of an average human.images (3)

Crocodiles have powerful jaws but they can’t chew. So they’ve learned in team up and chow down. While their buddles hold it still each takes its turn to perform a death roll on the victim. He looks his jaw and neck muscles and spins around and that rips off a huge lump of meat.images (4)

Jelly fish  Their tentacles fire tiny harpoons packed with lethal poison. They kill over fifty people a yeardownload

Wolves weigh about forty kilograms. A pack of wolves makes a ferocious team. They have the stamina to hunt their victims until they drop. They can run 200 kmts a (1)

Tigers.  In India tigers kill up to fifty people a year. Tigers creep up on their prey from behind. But tigers only kill humans if they invade their territory or if the tiger is to sick or old to kill animals. Their stripes camouflage them in the (2)

Spiders  All spiders are predators. Some of the deadliest spiders include the Red Back and the Funnel Web. Spiders love houses because insects are attracted to the light in people’s (3)

Piranhas–  The piranha fish has the sharpest teeth in the animal kingdom. They are over 50 species of piranhas and surprisingly most are vegetarian eating any scraps they can get. Most piranhas are attracted by the sight and sound of struggling in the water. Others just smell the blood.


courtesy     young world   THE HINDU



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