Superlative skills


When it comes to doing push-ups  you cannot beat Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury. He holds the Guinness world record for doing the most number of push-ups in a minute—— 198, which translates to more than three push-ups per

Biswaroop is not the only one in his family whose name figures in the Guinness Book of Records. His wife Neerja boasts two world records and his brother in law Anjul one. Together they have six world records under their belt. “ Setting world records is an art that requires determination and perseverance”says (1)

In 2005 Neerja became the first person in the world to memorise the Oxford English Dictionary. In 2009 she entered the Guinness Book again for creating the largest pair of functional scissors measuring 7ft 7in. Her husband  holds three records. In 2006 he broke the world record in memorizing names and birthdays of random people in two minutes. He also holds the record for making the largest functional fountain pen measuring 10ft and weighing 12 (6)

“ I used to see my brother in law reading the Guinness book online till late at night” says Anjul. “One day I got so motivated that I decided to set a record myself”. He now holds the world record in smashing the most number of eggs in a minute using forhead.

Biswaroop says breaking records is a way of overcoming personal limitations. “ I was called bhoolakad in college. So I decided to challenge myself by improving my memory power” he says. Neerja says it was her husband who coaxed her to set a Guinness record. “On my own I wouldn’t ever have thought of doing so “she says.

On a Monday morning she is intently talking about a raw food recipe with a few women at her office in Faridabad. She has set her sights on another world record. “The idea is to create a record of maximum number of people living on raw food partially or completely” she says. If Neerja succeeds she would match her husband in the record game. “Making world record is intoxicating. You just can’t stop after one” she (2)

Casual conversations in this family reel around new records and record holders. They buy every edition of the Guinness Book and go through it line by line. “It is our bible” says Neerja. The family  is so obsessed with records that they have started the India Book of Records a desi version of the Guinness Book. “ The idea is to help others set world records and showcase their talent” says Biswaroop.

So how is it to be in the spotlight? “ you enjoy it and take pride  in your achievements” says Neerja. There is a grim side to it though. “People start treating you differently. Which creates a gap “ she says. “And after a point you start feeling lonely”

courtesy    THE WEEK



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