Celebrate the tree


Van Mahotsav an annual tree-planting festival takes place from July 1 to 7. It means “ The festival of trees”. This festival was initiated in 1950 by the then Union Minister for Agriculture Kulapati Dr. K.M Munshi.download (1)

This is a festival to create and spread awareness about the need to plant trees and the problems of deforestation.  Planting of trees helps in providing alternative fuel increase production of food resources helps create shelter belts around fields to increase productivity provides food for cattle offers shade and decorative landscapes helps stop soil deterioration and more.images

Van Mahotsav is a crusade to save Mother Earth. When on your mission of planting trees remember to plant those that belong to the region as these trees can adapt easily to the local climate and integrate into the eco-system and survive with no trouble. These trees support the birds insects and animals.

courtesy       THE HINDU    YOUNG WORLD


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