Weird creatures


Lizard a reptile is closely related to snakes. Lizards live chiefly in warm regions. Many inhabit deserts and semi arid regions. Others live in fields and forests. Most dwell on the ground some burrow into the soil still others spend much of their time either in trees or in water.chameleon2

Lizards usually have a small head a short neck and a long tail. There are more than 4600 species of lizards  including iguanas chameleons geckos and gila monsters among others.chameleon

Habits  most lizards eat insects spiders and scorpions. Iguanas and some others live chiefly on plant food. Monitors and a number of other lizards eat amphibians reptiles birds and mammals. The dragon of Komodo catches and eats animals as large as deer.

Lizards are preyed upon by snakes birds and various other meat eating animals. Some such as iguanas are eaten by human beings. Some are killed for their skins which are made into shoes handbags and other items. Some lizards such as the legu and the chameleon are kept as pets.iguana2

Most lizards reproduce sexually that is their eggs must be fertilized to produce offspring. Some lizards such as whiptails sometimes reproduce asexually  their eggs produce offspring without being fertilized. Lizards of most species are hatched from eggs laid beneath a log or buried in soil. The young of some species hatch from eggs within the mother’s body or are born fully developed. Lizards generally must fend for themselves from birth.

Nests    flying-liz

Lizards are unable to maintain a constant body temperature. For this reason they take shelter in cool places in hot weather and hibernate in burrows or other protected places  in winter.

Lizards can run at a rate of up to  15 miles an hour and many depend on speed to escape enemies. Many lizards are protectively coloured. Horns and spines protect the horned load and many other lizards. Almost all lizards can and will bite but only the gila monster and the Mexican beaded lizard are venomous.


Head bobbing is  way that lizards communicate. Bobbing sometimes means a male is ready fight another animal. It also can mean that the reptile is defending its territory. It is also to attract their partners. Other ways include waving their tails opening their jaws wide changing their colors sticking out their dewlaps or showing off their brightly coloured undersides.


The most common self defence for a lizard is running  away. But some lizards do the opposite they freeze when they see an enemy counting on their camouflage colours or bright patterns to help hide them. A glass lizard has no legs and uses its tail to distract an attacker monitor lizards use their jaws for biting.





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