Food cravings mean deficiency

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According to an article published in the Daily Mail “ intense food cravings are often a sign that you are deficient in certain nutrients”. And city nutritionists agree.

“There is a difference between emotional eating and intensely craving for say chocolate” says Sujatha Stephen dietitian and nutritionist at CARE HOSPITALS  BANJARA HILLS.images

“When a body lacks in some minerals it then gives rise to certain cravings. Usually  this phenomenon is witnessed in children and teenagers but with the unhealthy lifestyles that majority of us have this deficiency can be seen in any age group. Therefore when you experience such cravings the first thing to do is to check whether you are skipping some important nutrients in your meals.” She says. Rather than giving into non-nutritious food efforts should be made to opt for healthier choices.images (1)

“It can lead to obesity dental problems skin diseases and even infection. Hence one must eat timely meals and even take medication for the deficiency that the body is experiencing” she says.

Alcohol:-   it’s protein deficiency

Sweets:- chromium deficiency

Cheese or fatty food:- deficiency in fatty acids

Salty food:- dehydration

Ice:- anaemia or iron deficiency

Bread:- low levels in amino acid tryptophan

Chalk/ mud/ red brick:- calcium deficiency





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