Jammu and Kashmir policewoman wins U.N peacekeeper award



An inspector with the Jammu and Kashmir Police has bagged the International Female Police Peacekeeper Award 2014 instituted by the U.N> for her “exceptional achievements” while serving with the U.N. mission in Afghanistan.

Shakti Devi 38 currently deployed in the U.N. Assistance Mission in  Afghanistan was also cited for her efforts towards helping victims of sexual and gender based violence. The award is instituted by the U.N. Police Division.Shaktidurga_360_1

Ms. Devi who has 14 years of service in the Jammu and Kashmir Police has been honoured for her “exceptional achievements” in leading the establishment of Women Police Councils in several parts of Afghanistan the U.N. Police Division said  in a communication  to the Indian mission here.

The award was delivered during the International Association of Women Police conference held earlier this month in Winnipeg  Canada. It is a competitive award given to an outstanding female police peacemaker serving in a U.N. peace operation.

The U.N. communication said Ms. Devi  has contributed to the improvement of the status of female police and has effectively helped the police of Afghanistan move towards achieving their goals of fully adopting democratic principles of policing


Courtesy       THE HINDU


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