Chaya Someswara swamy Temple

chaya-someswara-swamy-temple-1Chaya Someswara swamy Temple is AN ancient Hindu temple also called “Chaya Someswara swamy Temple”, located in Panagal, Nalgonda district,Andhra Pradesh, India. The temple was inbuilt 11th – 12th centuries during Ikshvaku family. The temple is known for there being AN everlasting shadow (Chaya) on the presiding god of the Lord Shiva’s Linga in the main temple at any time of the day.


Someswara swamy Temple History:hyf27Panagal---_HY_1699359g


In Nalgonda district lies the Chaya Someshwara swamy Temple its epitome of beaux arts marvel, derived its name from the mystifying shadow (Chaya). The incredible ‘shadow undisturbed’, the origin of that puzzled visitors since times immemorial, is a distinctive feature of the brilliant temple. Engineered by Kunduru Cholas in 12th century, the temple, accepted as Thrikutalayam, testifies the wonderful creative thinking and talent of its architects.


One of the Garbhagudis (santum sanctorum), which is in the west and facing east, selected as the main temple of the Thrikutalayam contains a continuing shadow in the type of one pillar from dawn to crepuscle. This has been a mystery and attraction to thousands of visitors to this Chaya Someswara swamy Temple.


This Chaya Someswara swamy Temple over 600 years past reveals the scientific consciousness of our architects, Manohar remarked and additionally rebelliously a support to Ancient cosmonaut theory.


Panagal of Nalgonda was also an important religious place during Kakatiya period. AN inscription mentioning the name of Kakatiya’s greatest king Pratap Rudra on Pachala Someswara temple supports the claim that these temples were erected for the greater glory of the Kakatiya ruler’s favorite god, Shiva.There are 2 famed Shiva temples, Chaya Someswara swamy Temple and Pachala Someswara temple. The Shiva lingam of Chaya Someswara (chaya means “shadow” in Telugu) is, once daylight is present, straddled by a permanent shadow of a pillar. The pillars of the temple are adorned in nice detail with relief sculpture of episodes from the 2 great Epics of India, the Ramayana and also the Mahabharata.

Statues and sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses geological dating back to Ikshvaku family of first century AD are preserved and protected at the museum constructed in the compound of Pachala Someswara Swamy temple. some of the traditional shiv lingas preserved in the museum were collected from a village called Yelleswaram (a shivaite centre), that was submerged during the construction of Nagarjuna Sagar dam.sculptor_Sheik-Rabbani

32-year-old Muslim man from Guntur embarking on the task of restoring historical and dilapidated Hindu temples in Telangana as well as Andhra Pradesh.

With a team of 40 workers, all of them Muslims, Sheik Rabbani of Turkapalem in Guntur is credited with restoring 20 historical temples in both the States and constructing 15 finest new rock-built temples. All this has been accomplished by Mr. Rabbani in the last 10 years.

Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Rabbani said his great grand parents had learnt the art from some Tamil sculptors probably in the late 19th century.   He  grew up seeing his grandfather and father having mastered the art of sculpting rocks and stones and turning them into marvellous structures. All this was done to earn their livelihood. As his parents were not in a position to support his education, he dropped out of school in Class VII and started helping his  father  he said.

To hone his skills, Mr. Rabbani took the guidance of Murthy, a noted artisan of Guntur. Having learnt the finer aspects of sculpting, he started working in close association with the Archaeology Department to restore temples from 2003.




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