Padma Shri Dr. Manjula Anagani


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When she began practicing medicine in the 90’s minimally invasive surgery was in its nascent stage. Dr Manjula Anaganai  a well known gynaecologist and obstetrician in the city [ HYDERABAD ] saw the merits of the procedure especially in woman’s health.

After nearly two decades of pursuing her passion and developing several new techniques in the field of laparoscopic surgery the doctor has been selected for one of the highest civilian honours the Padma (3)

One of the seven from the city to have won the prestigious award this year Dr Manjula Anaganai   says the announcement came as a surprise. “ I knew about the nomination but did not expect to be actually selected. I was at a national conference when I got the call confirming the conferment and I was elated. The award came as a bigger surprise for my family who had no inkling about the nomination “ she smiles as she sits in her office at Sunshine Hospital with old Hindi songs playing softly in the background.

“ I trained in both minimally invasive surgery and IVF  and for a short while I tried my hand at IVF.  Minimally invasive surgery which was just developing at the time helped me provide my patients with better treatment options while cutting down the risk of infections and recovery time” says the doctor  who is credited with pioneering several new techniques in laparoscopy including her work on primary amenorrhea [ absent menstrual cycles ] using autologous stem cells to regenerate endometrium and a technique to create a Neovagina for women with absent (2)

“ Back then minimally invasive surgery was a man’s world and it was more experience based with surgeons developing their own techniques. I soon realized that it was the future of medicine. From a 10mm incision we have now progressed to doing surgeries through a mere 3mm  incision. From basic cameras we have now progressed to ones that afford us a panoramic view of the body and allow for precision” she explains.

The reputed gynaecologist has in the past been associated with Apollo Hospitals  Care hospital and currently in a consultant at SunShine Hospitals.

But apart from being at the helm of cutting edge techniques in her field she also heads several teaching programmes has published several papers  consults at a hospital in Dubai and also founded an NGO Pratyusha along with actor Samantha to spread awareness about women’s health while also extending help to those in (7)

“When your work is driven by passion you find a way to make it all happen” she says about juggling so many roles. It helps that I have always associated myself with health institutes rather than just hospitals as it gives me the chance to carry on my research work at well” she adds.

But none of her work would have been possible without the support of her family she says “ It was my father’s dream that I become a doctor.  I have been blessed with a very supportive

Even after I got married my husband and mother-in-law were with me  every step of the way. In fact I did my post graduation after marriage. On my part I try and ensure that I am there for important family events. It’s all about prioritizing and planning “ she smiles.


Courtesy    THE HINDU


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